LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

Perfect Match
                 The page stays the same

Teacher says, "turn to page 63, read the second paragraph in the right hand column".

And when that happens it's the same page 6 and the same paragraph in an LRS Large Print Book as it is in the original.

Several other methods of producing large print lose the original page layout and page numbering as in the original. LRS production methods produce formats that retain the original page so that in the classroom it's much easier to follow along.

The LRS Vertical Format displays the top half of the page above the lower half in calendar format, shown here with the original on the right:

The LRS Horizontal Format has the top half of the original page on the left, the lower half on the right:

The LRS Full Page Format, which is mainly for lower grade books, keeps the page intact, often by enlarging the page and keeping pictures the same size.

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