LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

LRS Large Print Books are the best fit
                       for the classroom and for the student

Fitting in: Fitting in your locker, fitting in your backpack, fitting in in the classroom.

It's tough enough being a student in Middle School or High School even if you're not Visually Impaired. The pressure to fit in is huge and the last thing you need is a magnifier or CCTV on your desk during math. Worse still, one the of those huge Large Print Books that is as big as the desk top and printed on cream paper.

LRS Large Print Textbooks are about the same size as regular textbooks, as shown below with the LRS Large Print book on the left. Typical closed book size is 12" x 9".

When the books are opened, the LRS-designed calendar format allows the print to be enlarged to 18-20pt while keeping the same page numbering and layout.

Large Print literature books may be produced in a horizontal format, where the top half of the original page is on the left, the bottom half on the right. This book reads like a traditional book and can be enlarged to 20-22pt. Typical closed book size is 8" x 8"

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