LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

Not in our search database?
                    No problem, LRS will enlarge any book!

What if the book you're looking for isn't in the LRS search database?

Don't worry, LRS can enlarge any book so long as we have access to an original.

The preferred method is for you to send us an original and we will process it and return it to you, rebound (rebinds are free).

If you don't have an original we can usually get hold of one for you (we've not failed yet) and we'll just charge you what we paid for it, and then return it to you afterwards. LRS can often get a used original from one of our many sources.

Want more details? Need help? Call 800-255-5002, or email

  • Production cost? Does it cost more for this first large print copy? No, of course not, we charge the same price/page for the first copy as we do for a book already in our database.
  • Process time? Yes, it does take a little longer to provide this first copy as it requires scanning and enhancing and enlarging, but usually only a week longer, or maybe two in our busy season.
  • What about subject material or copyright date, does LRS restrict which books it will enlarge? No, we never restrict which books we will enlarge; whatever you send us, we'll enlarge even if we think we'll never sell another copy, we never say no!
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