LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

    Why are LRS Large Print Books
               best for mainstreaming and inclusion?

LRS (Library Reproduction Service) provides Large Print School Books for Visually Impaired and other print-challenged students who are taught in a mainstreamed classroom environment. Our durable hardcover books have been used in schools across the USA for over 35 years.

Each enlarged page retains the layout and numbering of the original page so that if a teacher says, " Turn to page 6, paragraph 2" it's the same for all students in the class, whether using the LRS book or the regular text.

  • LRS strives to keep the outward appearance of the book as close to the original as possible, so that users don't feel "singled out" or ostracized by their peers. See Why Large Print?
  • LRS Large Print School Books are digitally printed and are available in B&W or full-color, white or cream paper, see choices
  • LRS Large Print books are each individually made-to-order, offering a range of type size, binding options and formats, see choices.
  • LRS Large Print books are smaller than others, typically no larger than 12"x 9", see Perfect Fit.
  • LRS Large Print Books match the page numbers and layout of the original, see Perfect Match.

What about fonts? Debate has continued for years as to the importance of font style in reading, whether a serif or sans serif font is best for the print challenged, whether a particular font is optimized for them. At LRS our experience and research leads us to believe that font style is a secondary issue and that font size is most important. (see footnote*). LRS books provide large type size, typically 18pt and up, while maintaining the original page layout and keeping closed book size close to the original.

* Footnote: "Investigation into font characteristics for optimum reading fluency in readers with sight problems". (2005) Mary Feely, UK Institute of Opthalmology.
Summary: Results suggest that font type has little effect on reading speed once the size of the print is taken into account.)

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