LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

   Large Print For Special Needs Children

Learning Disabled

LRS LARGE PRINT reproductions have been helping the visually impaired student for over 30 years, but did you know that LARGE PRINT can benefit the Learning Disabled as well? LARGE PRINT is being used more and more for LD students! In the last few years, both parents and teachers of children and adults with learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia, have been telling us that LARGE PRINT books can facilitate the initial reading process.

LARGE PRINT can truly "open up the world of reading" for LD students by :

   1. Unjumbling words!
   2. Reducing focus demand & visual delineation between the text & background!
   3. Making the tracking process easier

LARGE PRINT is not the answer for all LD students, but it is a valuable tool to have on hand — serving as that crucial "jump start" needed for moving the LD student down the road to reading success!


LRS’ flip chart format has been found to be ideal for multi-disabled students! This format can now be provided for almost any textbook and/or workbook. The one sided printing of each page means that a student never has to pick up or handle the book! The flip chart format has also been very popular with special schools, as a tool to teach tracking. Its benefits include:

   1. Each page easily flips over top of stand—to be pushed over by reader or assistant.

   2. Heavy duty, stiff plastic cover with spiral binding, which fits on a typing or music stand. It can even stand on its own!

   3. Type can be enlarged from 20 to 24 pt., and even more in some cases.

Special Populations

LARGE PRINT for adult students in ABE, Literacy or GED Programs, Youth At Risk, Incarcerated Youth & Adults, and Post-Secondary Students of all ages: So many of these individuals have anxieties and fears related to the learning environment, or have improperly evaluated vision or an undiagnosed learning disability. Just by giving these students a LARGE PRINT book, you can:

   1. Grab & Keep their Attention!

   2. Motivate Them to Want to Learn!

   3. Build Self-Esteem!

   4. Help Break Barriers to Learning!

LARGE PRINT offers immediate easy recognition, looks easier for the reluctant or just plain scared reader, and can be the critical tool to breaking the chain of educational failure!


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