LRS Large Print School Books
for Visually Impaired Students

    FAQ and NIMAS

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions                    

Q. What if LRS doesn’t have the book I need?

A. Send us any clean original and we’ll enlarge it for you at no extra charge. That’s it—any book and no extra charge for the first copy.

Q. Will LRS enlarge any book?

A. Yes, any book, we never say no.  No matter how obscure or how old, as long as you can send us a clean original we’ll enlarge it for you. We’ll even look for an original for you.

Q. Why does it take so long for the books to be delivered?

A. None of our books are "off-the-shelf", they are all made-to-order, usually just one at a time.

Q. Why do the books cost so much?

A. This is because we make these books one at a time, so we do not get any of the savings that the big publishers achieve by printing thousands of copies at once.

Q. If I see a find an LRS book offered in color, can I get it in black & white?

A. Yes, every title available in color can also be purchased in black & white, see choices.

Q. What if my student needs a spiral binding, or a larger type size?

A. The advantage of our made-to-order process is that we can custom-make each book for your student's particular requirements. We offer a range of type sizes and a choice of bindings, see choices. 

Q. Since LRS has so many books, can we borrow them and return them later?

A. We don’t keep any books “on-the-shelf”.  After we’ve done the first copy we store the “master” on CD and then print from that when we get an order.

Q. What exactly are NIMAC and NIMAS?

A. NIMAC is the repository of digital files provided by publishers to allow for conversion to Braille, Digital Audio and Large Print.

LRS is an AMP (Authorized Media Producer) permitted to produce Large Print from these
NIMAS files.

While it is possible to produce Large Print from current NIMAS files, since the original aim was to produce digital files for audio and braille, the format and pagination of the original is lost and the pictures are reduced in size. For literature books this is usually not an issue, but for many textbooks working from the NIMAS files is less efficient than LRS' usual process.

Note that the Department of Education acknowledges this issue in its Questions and Answers On the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards, and states "To the extent that the NIMAS files do not cover the graphs, pictures, and other visual elements in the textbooks, accessible media producers may have to use alternative measures to produce a completely accessible version of a textbook."

If you wish to have a Large Print book provided from the NIMAS files then visit their web site at

There you can register as an Authorized User and then release files to us as an Authorized Media Producer. We will download these files and promptly provide feedback, estimated costs and samples as requested.

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